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I have never been so happy to write a review. In every real estate transaction, there's a lot at stake. And when there's a lot at stake, you need to surround yourself with the very best. The very best are simply the ones who can get the results that you need. And whether the task is simple or complex, they deliver.

John and Christina, based on my experience are masters of what they do. They have accomplished what other lawyers find difficult or even impossible to do. I can say this objectively because I had switched from my previous lawyer and consulted with two others, before finally meeting John. And what a blessing it is to have met John and work with Christina.

John is a straight forward person. Apart from being a very good lawyer, he is a mentor, a professor, a great communicator and a strategist. He has a lot of passion and confidence with his and his team's capabilities and they will deliver the very best, professional service you can expect. He was a licensed real estate broker before he became a real estate lawyer and has managed one of the biggest firms in the city. Take a leap of trust in him and his team and you become family.

My real estate case was both for business and family. I will never forget that during our sit down, we were going back and forth on the best approach and strategy not only to resolve the current issue but also to make sure it's sustainable through out. He acknowledges when he needs to refer and he did ask me to get an opinion with a colleague before I make the decision. In other words, he helped me consider other angles of my dilemma that enabled me to decide on a strategy to move forward.

Christina, was the one who I worked with when a direction was decided. And what a pleasure it was to work with her. Communication and reassurance, to me, are key when I'm in the middle of a case. Christina had delivered flawlessly on both. There was never a question that was not answered. And she clarifies with me when necessary. It was a reassurance that was not based on promises, but was based on pure work ethic and results. I will never forget when she has emailed me the amendments that my family and I needed and have always thought we could never accomplish.

I have mentioned to John and Christina, and I will mention it again, that for them, because they are professionals, this may be just another day in the office, but to my family and I it means a lot and we are forever grateful. I wish that more families discover the kind of partners Christina and John are when they choose a legal team for their real estate needs.
Joseph Tan
I am a loyal customer of John, Christina and their team, they are very popular lawyers. But even though they may be busy, they make it a point to always return your call. I trust John and Christina because they have been in the business for many years.

I never have to feel stressed or afraid, because they look out for my interest. As well, they are very reasonable in their pricing.
Isabelle Lew
Most of the time, when buying or selling property, the work solicitors do to ensure the proper transaction’s legal status and piece of mind of involved parties, is often taken for granted. Especially, buying the condominium, one of the very important things is the financial status and reserve fund of the condominium property management corporation. This may affect the future buyer’s expenses in many ways.

This is exactly where John’s special attention to details comes in the picture. John saved me $2,700 in my purchase transaction. He did the same a few years ago representing my son in the condominium purchase by saving him $1,330.
Thank you John.
Dinko K.
Dinko K
As a real estate professional I can highly recommend John Poletes as a real estate law specialist. John not only has an exceptional grasp of real estate law, but is rare in his commitment to his clients. Supported by the law, John will do his utmost. Recently, he successfully closed a sale deal for some mutual clients, one that had been threatened with collapse. The clients were very happy. Many thanks !!
August 15th, 2016
I have known John for a number of years and have used his services a number of times. Before starting to work with John, I had used services of other lawyers. Unfortunately, those experiences were negative. "The ball" had been dropped more than once. If you can't rely on a lawyer to protect your interests in a transaction, what do you do? Luckily, ever since I had started working with John, my concerns dissipated. I have been impressed by John's knowledge, attention detail, and mostly at all, his availability to answer questions even during evenings and weekends. Amazing! Like everyone else, I don't like paying for lawyers, but in John's case, he has saved me major expenses when buying a pre-construction condo and when a buyer of my property couldn't close on the scheduled date. He takes time to explain the clauses and the consequences of various types of working in contracts. I give John the highest marks and highly recommend him for real estate transactions and wills.
E Novak
March 30th, 2016
I am delighted to recommend John Poletes to my clients as their Real Estate Lawyer. He has helped me through a number of challenging deals.

John has exceptional teaching & people skills. John educates the Realtors at my Brokerage and helps us advise our clients well.

I take every opportunity to hear John speak. I am grateful that John answers his cell phone when I call. Thank you again, John, for today’s seminar.
Marie Fullerton
John Poletes recently represented my family and I with a recent condominium purchase and are very pleased with the results.

His thoroughness and detailed work helped to save my family over $3,000.00!

In addition to saving us the large sum of money, he was very transparent and fair with the fees he charged us. He was very professional and offered us sound advice. I would recommend his services to anyone else in the process of buying/selling a home.
Gretchen R
John Poletes was representing my buyer client in the purchase of Condo in City Centre, Mississauga.

The knowledge level, commitment, efficiency and honesty of John has no comparison. The deal we were working on had to start and close in 15 days, John showed utmost dedication and efficiency in getting all the work done within such a short time frame.

I will highly recommend his services to all realtors.

Ruma Paruthi.
Ruma Paruthi
“ I recently used John Poletes services for the purchase of a Condo in Downtown Toronto. As a realtor I have worked with numerous Real Estate Lawyers in the City but the services that John provides stood out for me.

His attentiveness to detail and knowledge of Real Estate and Real Estate law not only kept me protected but also saved me money!

Not only would I definitely use his services again but I have and will continue to refer my Clients and other Realtors to him.”
Domenic Calla
I've been a realtor for over 17 years now & John is my favourite lawyer & I refer all my clients to him.

Recently, his good advice saved a deal for me. He was working on behalf of one of my buyers for a older condo building. There were a few issues with the status certificate.

John suggested that we try to get the seller to reduce the price. Based on the detailed information he provided, I was able to negotiate a $6k price reduction & saved the deal.

Thanks John!
Marlene spurrell
I am truly grateful for the services of John Poletes rendered to me to fully complete the purchase of my condo. His tremenduous efforts and commitment saved me from stress and potential financial liability when he intervened dealing with my bank.

I would highly recommend Mr. John Poletes to my friends for his legal services. He is an excellent lawyer and an efficient staff.

Thank you so much Mr. John Poletes.
Evelyn Rillorta-Mineque
It's nice knowing Mr. John Poletes. Very professional. He's thinking about the interest and benefits of his clients. I'm a new client of Mr. Poletes. He adviced me for negotiation to the seller...and guess what... It worked out and we saved a couple of thousand dollars because of him. Our family is thanking him for that... And in the future if we ever gonna purchase a house again, definitely we will be seeking for his services again. I will highly recommend him to my friends who's planning to purchase a real estate...tnx again Mr. John Poletes for ur service and advices...
Elaine Joy Dela Cruz
June 5th, 2015
John, I can't thank you more for helping me save the deal. When my buyer client was left outside the door by her lawyer simply notifying her that he could not help, I turned to you and you guided us through. Until that moment we knew what a GOOD lawyer looks like: knowledgable, responsible, enthusiastic. It's peace in mind knowing that you are always around to help. I'm so impressed how quickly you respond to my legal enquiries, no matter it's day or night, on weekday or weekend. You are the best John!
Lei H
August 5th, 2015
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for expediting the legal process for my house closing last week. Everything went smoothly.
Best regards,
I am a Real Estate Broker and always receive sound, practical advice from John Poletes. He is very responsive to my calls and is available 24/7 and 365 days per year. The last time I called John he immediately returned my call, even though he was overseas. Thanks for your help John, and I will continue to recommend you to others.
Paul Burnes
Paul Burnes
Thank you John for the recent transactions you did for my parents. You went above and beyond to accomodate them, and that means a lot to them and me. You were always just a phone call away with advice and answered questions promptly. Jun was also very helpful and assisted in every way she could.
Looking forward to doing a lot more business with you and it would be an absloute pleasure to refer family and friends.
Tony Mohamed
Tony Mohamed
John Poletes is customer satisfaction personified. You did not just meet our expectation john, u surpassed it with the wow factor. That we made our close wout any extra surcharge was simply bcos of you. U showed us how much u value ur clients....WE WATCHED U RUN TO THE BANK TO GET IT DONE. We cant say thank u enough, u and ur staff definitely deserve and have earned a 7star rating.
Chikodili Akubueze
I have worked with John to closly over the last couple of years. John has gone the extra mile to further the best interest of our mutual clients.

His Prompt response to my legal inquiries and his dedication to client service has prompted me to post an endorsement of his Legal Practice.
Marcus Velkovich
A year ago John Poletes acted as my lawyer for the purchase of a condo and his service was found satisfactory. And again this week he represented me for a mortgage from a bank. John took only 4 hours to prepare all the legal documents for me to sign instead of the usual 4-10 days that most legal firms may need. It was truly unbelievable and I would highly recommend John and his team to any home buyers or sellers. Thanks, John.
Anthony Man
February 25th, 2016
John Poletes and his staff were very helpful to us this year as they handled both a property purchase and sale this year. When we purchased the mortgage money was delayed from the lenders and it was only through the hard work and dedication of the firm that enabled the deal to be concluded on the closing date and we were able to obtain the keys late in the day.

The lawyer on the vendor's side made errors with regards to the amount of property taxes paid and once again the firm came through and assisted us in the recovery of funds owed to us.
The fees were very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend John Poletes to others.
John Simonton
December 23rd, 2016
Last October I attended a Legal Issues in Real Estate offered by the Real Estate Institute of Canada. John Poletes was our instructor. This is the last one required for my FRI designation . I have been working on this for some time .

Also just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best courses I have taken since I started my RE career. The venue and class was all about RE and issues dealt in our daily world. I will certainly be looking to take more courses like this in the coming months .

Also I have realized real value in these courses and am anxious to get my designation

Thank you again

Talk soon

Mike Randall SRES ®
The Real Estate Store
91 A Water Street
Yarmouth N.S.
Mike Randall



Robert Feuerstein
What John has done for us wasn't just a simple closing; he really saved us! I can't go thru the details which is a long story, but all I can say is that our closing was a serious challenge. John did his negotiations very effectively in order to resolve all unexpected issues. John gave us the impression that he was not acting for a client, but a family member. He was with us every step of the way. He went miles out of his way to help us closing our deal. My wife and I cannot thank him enough for exceptionally great service he provided for us. He is a true friend.
Majid Zohari
March 2nd, 2018

Outstanding success to secure full sale price that was at risk.

John Poletes is tenacious, focused and dedicated to his clients. Whether your closing is straight forward or messy, he will cover all of the details and be available to answer your questions.

John worked directly with us and our real estate agent to ensure that my father received the agreed upon sale price on the family home, protecting Dad’s interests every step of the way. He is well-versed in real-estate law, works from an ethical base and is responsive to calls, visits and emails. I recommend him highly and without hesitation!

My father had the good fortune to sell his Toronto home at the height of the market in April with closing at the end of September. Unfortunately, the deal had many twists and turns. John was promptly available by phone on the night of offers (as the buyer had inserted an unusual clause in the contract) and throughout the next 5 months as the buyer regularly made efforts to pressure my father into amending the Agreement of Purchase and Sale in a variety of ways. Each time we were able to quickly reach John by phone or email – and he took time to explain the risks to my father, and how amending the agreement would potentially risk the sale of the home or create more liability for him. As my father is hard of hearing, and prefers face to face communication, John also happily met with him in person on a variety of occasions to explain the potential complications, offer guidance and ask for permission to proceed.

In the two weeks before closing, John showed how well he works under pressure and his exemplary negotiation skills, even when working with an unprincipled buyer. He kept Dad’s interests as his priority. As my father’s POA, I was involved with all of the interactions with John which were almost daily throughout September and suggest that you use him if you want a lawyer who is extremely well-informed, uses the law to his clients’ advantage and is responsive to your questions and concerns. John even sought advice from a criminal law colleague (at no cost to Dad) to ensure that the information he gave us was complete with pros and cons.

On the day of closing, John negotiated a short extension with 10 conditions, all suited to protect my father. John proactively worked to cover the spread between the now value of the home if it had to go back up for sale and the sale price that it had been sold for in April so that even if the buyer didn’t close on the house my father would be out of pocket very few, if any, dollars. He even had the buyer pay the additional legal fees associated with the delayed closing date.

L King
L King

I've done a number of real estate transactions in the past and it's usually pretty straightforward. This recent transactions had a few complications. John Poletes was quick in responding to all of my questions through out the process. He is informative and professional. It is always a stressful time when you are selling or purchasing a home and John Poletes made it so easy. I strongly recommend working with him, you will not be disappointed. I know for a fact he is and will be my lawyer for all of my transactions. Thank you John for all of your support.
Morgan Vaziri
Not only does John handle smooth transactions, but when the closing gets tough, John gets going to complete the closing swiftly. I thank John for handling my recent commercial file with legal professionalism and business wisdom.

His staff helped throughout the process with efficiency. During what could have been a stressful situation, peace prevailed and the real estate sale was closed beyond expectation.

Thank you to John and his team.
Simon Lee
It is my privilege to recommend JOHN POLETES to everyone , an outstanding lawyer who is driven by results ! We ( me and my wife ) were very pleased to deal with John throughout the process John is always by my side and highly professionally act on my behalf . He explains very well and provide choices which clearly appreciate him doing that. I will strongly recommend John Poletes to all of my Friends and Family based on my absolute successful transaction with him related to real estate sale/purchase. Very happy I met John in my Life !
Cledson Da Silva
December 2nd, 2015
I recently retained John Poletes for the sale of my home and am very glad I did. It was a very usual and unique situation, as my home had to be sold twice.

John immediately took action to protect me. John worked diligently on my behalf and the deal went through.

John was professional and ethical at all times. I would definitely use John and his services in the future.

Thank you!
Irene Grcevic
November 9th, 2015
John Poletes is a competent, knowledgable, caring and very trust worthy individual.

As an agent, I always recommend John Poletes's law office; he has represented my buyers and my sellers in a very professional manner and has closed all of my deal on time and with excellent results (no matter if there was a complication during closing)

To me, John is not just a lawyer that I refer my clients to; he is a genuine friend and an integral part of my network. when I refer clients to John, I know that they will have a positive experience and excellent customer service.

Thank You for looking after my clients and for representing me well; I can't wait to send you more referrals!!!!
Mark Younan
As a Realtor, I am representing Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage. I always proudly tell my clients that we have our own in-house lawyer, JOHN POLETES to assist us and our clients 24/7. He is just a phone call away, and with his experience and knowledge, he guides us through the legalities of the real estate transactions.

Most recently, a first-time Buyer-Client of mine experienced some difficulties with her townhouse purchase just prior to closing. John, with his expertise, helped to ensure that the deal will close, and the client and her family could move into their new home.

Thank you, John.


Steve Rostas
I recently used John Poletes to represent one of my Buyer Clients. Without a doubt John went the the Extra Mile on this one.

I have been practicing Real Estate for over 25 years, my general experieince with Lawyers is not that positive, I find most are detached, stand-offish and 'hands -off' with the client whereas John was very 'Hands-On', Professional and especially THOROUGH.

I would recommend him to any of my future clients or fellow Realtors.

Dave Brown.
Dave Brown
Last year my client bought a condo in downtown. John was the buyer's lawyer. When he read the status certificate, he found that there was a lawsuit with management office. At the same time, one of my colleague had a deal in the same building. Her client waived the condition. I contacted her and asked whether their lawyer knew there was a lawsuit. She told me that their lawyer said everything was perfect. Later, John successfully settled the issue by providing a solution that protected the buyer, and the buyer was very happy and satisfied. After the closing the buyer was happy and told me John is the best.

I would recommend him to any of my future clients or fellow Realtors.

S Xu
John and his staff assisted my wife and I with the purchase of our first investment property.

John is competent, professional lawyer with an extensive understanding of the GTA real estate market, he brings a sophisticated blending of both legal and real estate expertise to all his client interactions. Regardless of whether you are a seller or buyer of commercial or residential property, John and his staff will meet and exceed your needs.

Thanks John,

Ken Osborne
I found John to be a highly attentive and very knowledgeable Real Estate Lawyer. He returned all my phone calls and emails the same day. I never felt neglected or unimportant. He is also highly personable with an engaging personality. John has been always honest about my decisions in Real Estate and always ready to provide a good advice.

Thank you John
Cesar Rivas
As a realtor, John recently did a great job representing my buyer by negotiating him out of a tough position and into a better one. He provided my client with good advice and communicated my clients position firmly and intelligently. You really don't know how good a real estate lawyer is until complications arise. John closes deals and doesn't disappoint. I recommend him to all my clients.
Nick Horton
June 4th, 2015
Hello John: Once again, you have provided both my clients and myself with prompt professional service - not to mention sound legal advice. As a Realtor, I have had the pleasure of dealing with you in the past. Your service, and that of your office, has been extremely diligent and professional from the offer stage through to the closing transaction. This excellence in service was once again displayed in a recent situation with a conditional offer. Had it not been for your quick response and firm advice, my client and myself could have lost the offer due to no fault of our own, and rather that of misinformed parties on the other end. In this crazy hectic world of real estate, it is so reassuring to know that we have you, a seasoned professional, to protect our best interest. You will continue to see referrals from me - again, I can\'t thank you enough. Sincerely, Mary Marrello
Mary Marello
I want to thank you for the sound advice and reasonable approach you took with a recent purchase. Your approach helped save considerable money, and still ended up with both sides feeling good about the deal. It couldn't have been dealt with better.
Thanks again!
PJ Lennon
John, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on the commercial lease. You have been very helpfull, accessible as always with great advice. Knowing we have the best legal support, expertise on our side was a big relief during the proccess. Needless to say I will happily continue recomending you for all my friends.
Working with John Poletes really felt like I had someone who's watching my back and goes above and beyond to ensure that I will not be taken advantage of or lose money on any transaction. You can hardly find people that are honest, reliable and excellent in their profession these days, and John is all that. Having him in my team gives me peace of mind.

Thank you for everything prepared to represent all my friends and family.
Corina Teodorescu
I would like to use this medium to say thank you to John Poletes for the professional services rendered to me, when buying real estate you need a seasoned lawyer who can go over and beyond not minding the cost to make a deal come true.

John is one of a kind and I'm proud to recommend him to anyone out there looking for a good lawyer.

Thank you John for all you do.
Ola Oduwole
John, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you first as being my lawyer on the purchase of our new home and also to express my admiration for the excellent service you and your team provide to all your clients. Great advice and very efficient team that finishes even the most complicated deals in a timely manner , this is why I highly recommend your service to all my clients.
Thank you and I am so happy we can work with you! regards , Katya:)
Katya Markova-Valchanova
July 29th, 2016
I've been a Real Estate Representative for many years. I first met John Poletes when he came into our office to do a presentation on a legal topic related to the industry. I made a conscientious effort to go to all presentations on the various legal matters John discusses, as he is so well informed. I have referred clients to him, who also have been most impressed. I highly recommend him.

Sandi Halpern Hons. B.A.
Sandi Halpern
December 3rd, 2016

For the past 5 years I have been committed to using John Poletes for all real estate transactions & have had nothing but great experiences.
He really went above and beyond during the most recent transaction & saved my real estate deal over the Christmas holidays!
Extremely grateful for John and his team .. thank you.
Jessica Kinnaird
Last week I took Legal issues in Real Estate, a mandatory course offered by the Real Estate Institute of Canada as the lase step in my FRI designation. The faculty instructor was John Poletes.

It is important that the student share their learning experience with the REIC which help improve the education it is providing to students like me. My passion is real estate and success of fellow realtors and clients is my priority.

I put great efforts in learning from teacher like John Poletes, FRI so that I can do a better job in promoting professional integrity, honest & competent real estate services to my clients and customers. It is also important for me to recognize those instructors who teach us and appreciate their contribution to our profession.

I am extremely impressed with the teaching style of Mr. John Poletes, who stimulated real conversation with students to teach REIC 2800 Legal Issus in Real Estate. It struck me the most, him sharing his life long experiences in real estate connecting with subject being discussed in the REIC 2800. He was very polite, smiling and engaged the class in a very effective manner. It made my learning experience a pleasant surprised. It is very effective method of teaching when a teacher becomes a part of the class that help stimulate intelligent conversation among all participants. We participated openly and expressed opinions( right or wrong), and it was an amazing environment for learning. It was superbly done by Mr. John Poletes.

Mr. Poletes made his students comfortable in the class, made his teaching method effective, it helps student understand the complex legal issues in real estate easily, and prepare the students avoid pit falls of when dealing in real estate....

Thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience with all of us.


Tahir I. Qureshi
Tahir Qureshi
John Poletes is knowledgeable and professional and always has the answer to my questions for me and my clients. I would refer John to anyone who needs any real estate advice and guidance. I would like to thank John for his professional advice.
Tony Rico
John Poletes is the Best Lawyer I've dealt with in 32 years of being a Real Estate Broker.
Dave Brown
August 25th, 2017
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